Girl on a train

Typed a load of stuff and not accepted so reluctant to type again.. Met on a train and we conversed for 2-3 years and got really friendly. We would find one another in different carriages and when busy would sit alongside each other. We conversed freely and joked and laughed and I fell deeply in love with her. Suddenly, she started using a different carriage and when I questioned her as to whether I had said something wrong, she said 'oh no not at all'.

We got on brilliantly.. never a cross word and it would set me up for the day just to be with her 20 mins on the train in and out. So I asked a travelling companion of hers and no answer to date.

She is about my age and exactly the same outlook so why would someone suddenly break off a 'friendship' for no reason?

There was a possible interaction another girl who works in the same company who when introduced to me gave me the cold stare. Is it possible that this introduction (I recognise her from years back) was the reason?
Notwithstanding, this whole episode has strengthened me emotionally so I am better than before!

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Posted: 2020-11-13 20:20:53

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