Getting asked for money

Why is it that you you finally find the right mate on here and it turns out to be a scam. This girl on here is so attractive and quite the sweet talker. Until she asked me to send her money for female hygienic products and something for pain only after three days of conversation. She also got me to move to a different chat site. She won't add me to facebook and I can't get her email....(even though she insisted on getting mine) so it sounds like a scam right? She insists it isn't! But, I live in Canada and she lives in the States. I asked her to borrow money from a friend but she said she had none and I was was the only one she had for now and could depend on.....the red lights went off again...and I felt a scam waiting to take place. I'm here for mutual fun as my profile states but she's 37, drop dead gorgeous, and still a virgin (which I sort of doubt but it's possible). Every time I try to remotely tell her what I want to do, the subject is changed and I get Bible talk. It's really a downer that people do this and make you lose faith in humanity. I mean playing with yourself will not make you lose your virginity. My god, embrace yourself, and feel all of what your body can offer and understand that an orga*m is such the greatest release and the feeling mind blowing that why wouldn't you try. So ladies give us guys a break and be truthful....its a real heartbreaker. seems like I haven't made the 1500 mark yet so I'll just say, check out my JimmyD profile and we could have some fun together. I love dirty talk and getting off at the same time!

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Posted by member: JimmyD
From: Canada, Bridgewater
Posted: 2024-04-07 17:59:20

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