For short women only 5'2 and under

Short men or tall men?

Short men = 5'7 and under

Tall men = 6'0 and under

Please pick in poll as well, thank you

If you don't care about height, then what would you pick out of the two. The reason why I'm asking this is multiple women shorter than me rejected me and went for taller guys. I'm 5'4 so I'm not sure anymore. Some went after tall men specifically. I didn't really intend to ask so much in this post, but since it has to be 500 characters at least can you state why you chose your option as well. Thanks.

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Posted by member: PhantomLion41
From: United States, Montville
Posted: 2020-04-14 07:08:38

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Comment/reply from: Karen50, United States, Allen
Posted: 2024-06-10 06:28:58

I pick 5'2

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