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Hi everyone, I drive for a living, and just lately, due to Covid-19, there have been a lot more people out jogging and exercising. Many of them seem to have taken time to look their best and if they make eye contact I often smile or give them an encouraging thumbs-up. Generally, they smile or wave back which is nice and certainly improves my day, but a few seem to be offended which is really not my intention. I don't just pick out the beauty queen's, they probably know they look good and probably don't need me to tell them, but I think it may make someone's day to get an unexpected compliment.

I would hate to come across as an a*sehole so I wondered what the consensus is ladies. Would you think of it as a nice or flattering thing that might make your day, or would you think of it as an unwanted, rude, and annoying thing?
Regards, Ben. xx

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Posted by member: Flyerman
From: United Kingdom, Baldock
Posted: 2020-08-19 13:06:01

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Comment/reply from: , United States,
Posted: 2020-10-04 12:50:33

Hello Ben I am not a lady but i'd like to know an answer from the ladies as well on this.

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