Why age differences are a problem

The title clearly does explain in summary. Why the age differences a problem? There are many factors. Because of the way Hollywood is, social media, etc. Let me explain with this situation. When I was 18, my hair started to turn grey and does run in family. I recalled at age 24 or 25 that in church, 4 women my age (their age range 20 to 28) did not want to tell me directly and told my own brother that I am too old for them. I asked why as I started to break down. They said they thought I am 35, 45 or older! And speaking of that, those older women over 35 at the time were after me! I was like no! Why? Because I was expecting MY own age to date and to marry to. Many my age said to dye my hair. No. I even tried and I had allergic reaction. And besides I believe with my hair, it helps me weed out those who are only looking for those handsome guys. Got ya! They see my favorite hand sign bye to them.

The older ones that were after me because they thought I was their age and I told them no, I am not and I told them my goal: to marry and have children. They saw my firm expression and desires. They were sad because they have either tubes tied, or cant have babies because of age, whatever reasons including medical.

Even in my 40s, the older ones wanted me. I gave up and married wrong one who is older and has menopause. Divorced shortly after because of her lies and hypocrite to me.

Now, I control on the net age range and strictly focus on a woman who desire to marry and have kids too. In other sites, I cant seem to block older women but they sure do look at mine! Often have to block them.

I do get younger women reply but they are not truly themselves because I know the difference with them because they are scammers! Players. I get some real sincere ones who are younger and happened to live overseas!

That brought me to see the differences. American women does not want older men (I am 55 by the way) since they want young handsome guys. Same attitudes they have today as I was in my 20s. 30 years ago! Come on!

Young foreign women allows older men because they see financial security. Too rare they are true and stay married. They come over and marry and divorce to take his money and run. This is my opinion. I know of a friend who married a Filipina till his death 2 years ago. God bless them.

My question is why women has to have this attitude about looks and age judgmental for? Wait, there is more, I am 5' 2" and I get height discrimination as well as my being Deaf! I have triple "barriers".... That is another story another time. Because of all this, I am tough today. Not easy. So, ladies, your turn to vent or comment.

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Posted by member: Marcosearchesforbrid
From: United States, Liverpool
Posted: 2020-09-01 17:42:10

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Comment/reply from: xuruirui, China, Peking
Posted: 2020-09-02 09:34:03

Young girls like handsome men, men like beautiful young women, which is normal, because only in this way can we meet a person's aesthetic standards. Whether a man is wealth or face, this is the capital they can use. Beautiful faces like women are their capital, which you can't refuse. When you are asking why young women pay attention to grade and wealth, have you ever thought about whether you can accept a woman older than you? I think you certainly don't want to, so there is no answer to your question. What you need to learn is how to use your own charm to conquer the woman you like. A man with low self-esteem and no self-confidence will never learn how to use his charm to conquer a woman. Women like a man's charm and personality. Although the first sense may be wealth or superior face, it can be changed, which requires you to play your strengths.

Comment/reply from: Marcosearchesforbrid, United States, Liverpool
Posted: 2020-09-19 19:20:17

xuruirui, considering older women is out of question, period. I have for long time! I use same nice personality to all ages. But I am quite frank to tell older ones I am seeking to marry AND HAVE KIDS. I would never forget their disappointments on their faces. Really! If everyone believes in honesty, I am being honest right at the start.

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