Would you date a virgin?

I'm interested to find out from the women out there whether you would be put off by a guy being a virgin at nearly 40. There's nothing wrong with me but I just never lost it early and then it got to the point where people expected me to know what I was doing and I didn't so I pretended I wasn't interested.

So would it put you off?

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Written by: 40yroldvirgin
Posted: 2013-11-24 22:36:43

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Comment/reply from: c00lf00l87, United Kingdom, Leeds
Posted: 2014-12-23 09:08:08

I am in the same boat i guess. I am 27 and come from a very religious family so was under strict observation for most part of my life and now it seems i passed that age and now its awkward and humiliating if i tell someone that i am a virgin and from what i have read and observed women dont want to date a virgin for a couple of facts 1. Virgins become "clingy" to the person they lose their virginity to. 2. Since they cant perform well at first, they want another go which makes it awkward for the girl 3. Most women want someone with experience and dont want to be stuck with someone who doesnt know almost nothing.

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