where do i start

I'm 20 and I've never gone out with a girl. What I'm really asking is how do I meet one or how do I approach her. Do pick up lines even work? That sort of thing.

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Written by: steiner
Posted: 2013-10-22 12:30:02

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Comment/reply from: Carl S, United Kingdom,
Posted: 2013-10-22 12:44:25

Hi Steiner, there are lots of guys in your situation. In fact, I have friends in their 30’s that have never dated! The best advice I can offer is to be yourself but let your most confident side shine through when you are with a girl. Meeting a girl can be hard work but fortunately the internet and sites like Flirthut are here to help. In general, girls like confident men but not necessarily experienced ones. As long as you are comfortable around them and respect them as individuals, you shouldn’t go wrong. You need to have something to offer them like an interesting personality, good looks etc. – something unique to you. Girls like guys that are quirky but not strange so don’t do anything that would be considered weird. Pick up lines are great with the right girls. Confident outgoing girls are usually the best recipients of pick up lines and girls with a sense of humor will also find some of the more cheesy ones funny. But be careful not to come across as being arrogant or typical. Be a bit unique with your chat up lines. Alter them to make them your own. To be honest, as long as you are on internet dating sites, getting out and about with friends and colleagues in places you can meet girls, you are likely to eventually hit the jackpot. It may not happen tomorrow, it may not happen until next year, but it will happen. Under no circumstances must you come across as being desperate. This will put almost any woman off.

Comment/reply from: B. Whittel, United States,
Posted: 2013-10-22 23:54:45

Go out and get *aid dude with anyone offering! Put yourself about as much you can cos when your my age you gonna regret it. Be confident and be a man.

Comment/reply from: Hatch223316, United States, Newnan
Posted: 2020-03-05 04:11:23

How do I move on and start fresh when I'm shy and scared?

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