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I was informed about a website my exwife has her profile picture associated with.
I'm not sure how long the pictures have been posted, but when it states her age we were married at that time. The pictures are of her totally naked, exposing every part of her body, now that we are divorced I dont know if I should let it go, or confront her about it. Please Help Dont Know What To Do.

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Posted by member: funnyguy
From: United States, Salt Lake City
Posted: 2016-12-28 09:25:05

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Comment/reply from: Sandi, Canada,
Posted: 2016-12-30 23:43:50

I think you should just let it go and be happy to be rid of her if it truly was the case & she cheated. Regardless it's water under the bridge you have better things to do in your own life than worry about her mistakes. Hugs.

Comment/reply from: Jane, Location, Undisclosed
Posted: 2017-01-03 19:48:24

Just let it go... let bye gone be bye gone and face better things. She is a cheat though!

Comment/reply from: Former member, Location, Undisclosed
Posted: 2017-01-03 19:49:35

Hi although it may hurt now that it's come to light to you, I think since the marriage is over there's no need in confronting her. I think the best thing is you process it and move on with your life because, being honest, if she felt that comfortable to expose herself naked to the internet - her self esteem and respect for herself or marriage doesn't exist. Confronting her would be useless because she still won't understand the hurt it's done to you.

Comment/reply from: Kyle, Jamaica,
Posted: 2019-03-23 00:40:54

Wait.. So tell us again why you are stalking your EX wife.... It sounds like you still have feelings for her, and she has hurt those feelings by expressing her desire to move forward. You know it was not her intent to intentionally hurt you right? She simply wants to move on with her life. Maybe the best times of her life were spent with you, and now that that is over she is just trying to figure out who she is and what she wants out of life. We all only get to live this life ONCE. Do not waste your time pining away for someone who has cut ties with you and is taking the necessary steps to find her happiness in this world. Learn from this.. Realize that you too need to figure out what is going to make you happy and then get on with it man. There is a time to mourn the loss of a relationship.. Then when the appropriate amount of time has passed, it's time to get back to the business of life. Remember how great things were when you first started dating your wife? You CAN find that again with another woman.. She is simply trying to do that for herself. You owe it to yourself to afford yourself the same opportunities. If it takes posting naked pictures of yourself-so be it.

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