Online dating safety advice

How to keep safe while online dating

Flirthut has been design with online safety in mind. We have minimised how much personal information we collect from you to keep your identity safe. We also have several anti-spam measures in place and monitor any suspicious activity on the site. As safe as we have made it however, there are some precautions you should take to ensure your online dating experience is as safe as it can possibly be. We have listed the most common "do's" and "dont's" for you...

The DONT'S...

  • Don't give out your login details to anyone else, even if you think you can trust them. You're closest family member may be trust worthy, but even they could accidently leave you logged in on a public computer, allowing a stranger to use your account.
  • Don't ever give out your telephone number or address to another member unless you are absolutely certain you trust them. It is advisable to only do this once you have had a good level of contact with them and have established a good online relationship.
  • Don't give any financial details to anyone, even if you think you trust them. The internet is full of scammers who have some very manipulating ways of getting enough information from you. If you believe a member is on Flirthut could be a scammer or their intentions are not to meet someone to date, please get in touch with us immediately.
  • Don't trust anyone who lures you to another site in order to chat with them. Chances are they are spammers and probably not even human. Flirthut has several systems in place to deal with spammers, but we're not perfect... If you suspect someone could be a spammer, please report them immediately.
  • Don't upload photos that could show people where you live or give them clues about your personal life.
  • Don't upload photos that could earn you a bad reputation. People remember photos like these even if you use them in years to come on another site.
  • Don't arrange to meet anyone face to face until you are comfortable with them and have exchanged several messages.
  • Don't harass other members or bombard them with messages, particularly if they are not responding to any other messages you have already sent them.
  • Don't assume that because you're chatting with someone, it means you have any sort of exclusivity with them or that you are in a relationship with them. Relationships are mutually agreed.

The DO'S...

  • Do keep your real identity hidden. Flirthut does not take any name details from members and instead, uses usernames for all communication. This provides some level of identity security. We also never disclose your password, even in email communication so should you forget your password, you will need to reset it completely.
  • Use a cautious approach to conversing with anyone online. Whilst you think you may know them, until your relationship has blossomed, treat them as if they are almost a stranger and keep any personal details hidden from them.
  • Be courteous to other members. Remember, they are on Flirthut to meet someone just as you are. If they say something you don't like or offend you in any way, leave them alone and don't get tempted to get into an online war with them. Remember, you can report members or ban any contact with them altogether on Flirthut.
  • Do make sure you upload at least one recent photo of yourself so that other members know what you look like. And make sure your photo shows your face in full at the very least.
  • Do make sure you are truthful and honest to other members and make sure you let them know exactly what you're looking for in a relationship. Lying about aspects of your life, your looks, your personality etc. will only come back and bite you where it hurts later.
  • Take your time searching for the right person. Even they aren't on the site yet, thousands of members sign up to Flirthut each week so they could join at any time. Keep your account active and your details up to date so that you can receive the latest updates.

Remember, if you spot any suspicious activity on the site, please report it immediately. If you suspect someone is a spammer or they have material on their profile that is inappropriate, you can report them using the [REPORT] button when viewing their profile.

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