Dating advice for same sex relationships...

Same sex relationships and online dating advice

Not so surprisingly, there are a growing number of people looking for same sex relationships online. Online dating is becoming a very popular medium for people who might be restricted in finding what they are looking for otherwise. Flirthut gives you the opportunity to network with similar minding people in your area.

Stick to people looking for the same thing

The first golden rule is DON'T get in touch with someone who is clearly looking for a member of the opposite sex. You'll be surprised at how many people try this and it can be quite deflating when you get a nasty response from them. Restrict your search to ensure you are contacting people looking for the same kind of relationship as you are. Read their profiles first and make sure you are specific in what you write about yourself and what you are looking for. People who are serious about meeting someone will read your profile so keep them interested.

Guy with girl thinking about another man

Keep the sexual connotations to a minimum. It can make you look desperate. It's surprising how many members looking for the same sex will try to get attention by "flaunting" themselves. We're not saying there is anything wrong with this, but not everyone seeking a same sex relationship is just after sex. An important rule of internet dating, and one that Flirthut takes very seriously, is keep it clean initially and assume your mum is watching!

And the culprits are not always men. Bi-sexual women in particular seem to like flaunting their bits and pieces. Flirthut doesn't tolerate profile images that may offend others and that could potentially be shown publically. Our success is in your profile page being visible even off-line and potentially anyone could view it. Photos that violate our Terms of Use will not be approved so nobody will ever see them. Uploading photos a sexual nature will just waste your time as our moderators will reject them.

Your sexuality accepted online

Unfortunately, the internet is filled with people who just haven't got with the times and still haven't accepted people looking for same sex relationships. If you get any abusive messages from other members, please do not start a message war with them. Instead, report them to us and we will deal with them. Harassment on Flirthut is not tolerated and we believe everyone has the right to use the Flirthut dating service no matter what their gender or sexual preference.

Play it cool, calm and collect

When you've made contact with another member, play it cool to start with and don't be pressurising. It can be difficult to find people who are genuinely interested in a same sex relationship. Establish how genuine they are first by asking them questions about themselves and judging their responses. Long responses that are specific to your questions show they have taken time and effort to respond to you and are more likely to be genuine.

Upload some nice pictures of yourself showing your face and body - fully clothed of course. It's human nature to want to see what someone looks like before communicating with them. Take pride in your appearance and show other members that you are confident and determined. Don't take sloppy shots that look like they could be anyone. Remember, you need to make an impression. Make sure your photos are taken in good light with a nice background. If you have a nice apartment or house, take a nice shot near the window with some flowers in the background. Or go outside and take a shot in the sunshine. Make your photos look vibrant and engaging. Your photos will communicate how you think and act as a person. Blurry shots taken in the dark, in front of a mirror communicate how little you value your appearance. Show the world you are spectacular and wanted. Photos are your biggest opportunity online to sell yourself, so make sure they all look good. And if they do, you'll get plenty of interest.

Same sex female couple

Messaging other members

There are no rules when it comes to messaging other members other than keep messages clean and do not harass other members. Single line messages like "hi, how are you?" are just far too common and will very likely be rejected. For the first line of communication, think of something unique to say. Something that you believe no other member would say. Read the other members' profile and perhaps comment about something as an introduction. Statistically, messages that are all too common like "hello, fancy a chat?" stand more than a 90% chance of getting ignored. Not only that, but it is very likely that the other member will remember you as the "person" who can't be bothered to write anything decent and is more likely to reject you a second time.

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Check out some of our other pages with useful information on dating including dating tips. Online dating should be a pleasant experience for anyone and if you've got anything else you think we should include here, why not get in touch with us and let us know.