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How to meet that special lady online

So you've signed up for a free dating service and you're ready to go. Flirthut gives you the tools to find a woman in your area for a long term relationship, a casual one or even friendship. Like any other dating site, your success depends on how you use our service and how often you check your account and search for your matches. If there is nobody in your local area, consider expanding your search. You can always try again more locally later.

Patience and perseverance when dating online

We have thousands of beautiful ladies joining Flirthut every week and one of those might just be the perfect lady for you. Patience and perseverance are the two main things you should remember when surfing for your match online.

The most important rule of internet dating is to understand the online dating etiquette and that begins with a few of the most common mistakes guys make. One of the biggest complaints from ladies in particular are guys who think it is appropriate to expose their naked bodies online. Ok, so you might have the body of an Adonis, but guys, the majority of women out there don't want to see your naked body just yet. They particularly don't want to see your genitalia - that's a complete no-no. And it's surprising how many guys will actually try this. Almost all women who see images of your genitalia or an image of a sexual nature on your profile will walk away. Remember, Flirthut doesn't tolerate images like this on your main profile. Photos that violate our Terms of Use will not be approved so nobody will ever see them. Uploading photos like these will just waste your time as our moderators will reject them. If you really want to upload photos of a more revealing nature, you can do so in our Flirthut FX (Flirthut Extened) area where images are only shown to consenting members.

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Writing the perfect dating profile

Ensure you complete your profile fully and write something about yourself and what you're looking for. We cannot express how important this is. Members who have the most success online are those who have written plenty about themselves. This gives people a good insight into who you are. Guys who know what they want will write something meaningful about themselves and about what they're looking for. Filling in your profile with something meaningless just to get past that stage in the registration process will reduce your chances of meeting anyone considerably. Your profile is your chance to sell yourself. Be honest, sincere and positive when you're writing your profile.

If you're stuck writing about yourself, think about answers to the following questions...

What is it that you're actually looking for?

We know you can select the type of relationship you want from our options list, but why not expand on this and describe what you're looking for? Perhaps this could include things about how you relate to other people, your spirituality or even if you're just looking for something more casual, what would you be looking to do with someone?

What are your interests?

Everyone has a set of interests. What are yours? Maybe they're very specific, or they could be very generalised. Regardless, having something in common with someone is important when dating.

What makes you who you are?

Everyone is unique. Being unique is a good thing, particularly when dating. Perhaps you have a very specific view of a particular subject or maybe you like to dress a certain way?

Women are cautious about internet dating

Women find internet dating very scary. The fact is, they get harassed a lot by guys and that ruins it for the millions of genuine men out there who would make life long partners. So bear this in mind whenever you are online. Women will be very cautious and quite rightly so. In order to break this barrier, you have to be very careful about what you say to them and how you do it.

Don't harass women online. If you send them a contact request, and they don't get back to you, give them some time. They may be busy and may not have got round to your contact request. If they do and they decline, then leave them alone for a while before trying again. Being persistent with one member is a bad thing, but reminding them who you are several weeks or months later can work in your favour.

Making contact with a woman online

When you make contact with a woman on Flirthut, remember that you need to be careful what you say in your communication with her. Most women hate short messages because they know you'll have sent the same message to another woman or just can't be bothered to write anything more. This shows them that you could potentially be lazy and unimaginative - and the same would apply when it comes down to how you treat them physically. So make your messages, particularly the first few, specific to the woman you are chatting with. Ask her questions about herself. Engage her. Women love chatting about themselves. Avoid sexual talk or innuendos unless you're an expert at this and it has worked for you in the past, otherwise you'll just sound like a desperate, sexually deranged loon. If a woman wants to get flirty, she'll let you know. And if you notice your contact is no longer responding to your messages, chances are she's lost interest so just back away and let her get in touch with you. If she likes you, she will. Harassing her will only make her reject you more and eventually she'll ban you from any contact completely.

Give it a rest now and again.

Signing up to a dating site like Flirthut doesn't necessarily mean you'll meet someone instantly. Sure it can be frustrating not meeting anyone for some time, but coming across desperate to a woman will only make things worse. Take your time and enjoy the whole experience. You'll find it far more rewarding if you do. It can take time to find the right person. Don't have expectations of meeting someone and jumping into bed with them on the same night. Although not impossible, this very rarely happens. It can take weeks, months and sometimes longer to meet someone who is matched to you. If you're serious about dating, then you'll understand that you'll meet some good people and some bad people and it will take time to filter them out until that special one remains. The great thing about Flirthut is that we're free so you can keep your account active for as long as you want and it doesn't have to cost you anything.

Upload a good profile photo

Upload a nice picture of yourself showing your face and body - fully clothed of course. Women are less interested in how "pretty" a guy is than guys are about women, but they do like to see someone who can look after themselves. So you may not be a Brad Pitt or George Clooney look alike, but if you can show that you take pride in your appearance, women will admire you for that even if you've got three eyes and most of your front teeth are missing. Make sure your photos are taken in good light with a nice background. Don't take shots in toilets or bathrooms. It just looks sordid and wrong. Ideally, outdoor shots in the sunshine work well as they psychologically communicate a sense of freedom and openness to a woman. Avoid taking those awful shots under the stairs in the dark or in a wardrobe. A range of photos is also a good idea.

Several photos is a good idea

Women cannot always judge someone from one photo alone. Just like guys love to see lots of pictures of women, the same applies for women. But remember to make sure every photo you upload is a "good" photo of you and not one taken in the shed on a smart phone with a smudged lens... at night... You get the gist.

Disguising yourself

Your profile photos must include your face so that you are identifiable. This may be a little frustrating for some users who are trying to remain anonymous. We're not here to judge and you might have your reasons for wanting to remain anonymous but for the safety of the majority of our users, we have to ensure your photos are as genuine as they can be. Whatever you do, don't just use a photo you've found from Google and pass it on as your own. As well as being an inconvenience to a prospective contact, it is also illegal and violates copyright laws.

Our Flirthut FX area enables you to upload photos of your choice without the restrictive guidelines set for your profile photos. All members can create an FX gallery and upload up to 2 pictures per gallery. Premium members can upload up to 10 pictures per gallery and have multiple galleries.

More dating tips of interest

Check out some of our other pages with useful information on dating including dating tips. Online dating should be a pleasant experience for anyone and if you've got anything else you think we should include here, why not get in touch with us and let us know.

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