Will 2021 bring better dating opportunities?

sparklers to welcome in the new dating year

A happy New Year to you!

To all our users, members or not, we’d like to wish you all a happy New year and welcome in 2021. May it be filled with happiness, abundance, and good health for you all.

It's been a tough year for everyone, Flirthut included. We haven't posted a blog for a while so we hope this final blog of the year comes with some appreciation from those that follow us. Flirthut is still going strong despite how 2020 has panned out and we expect 2021 to be much better. Sadly, we've had to watch other dating services come and go as many online businesses have suffered thanks to the various events of 2020. But we're still here and we intend to remain here for as long as we can because we've helped countless singles find love and network with others. The various changes to how people interact around the world in 2020 have been very noticeable even for us. Fewer people have been dating physically and more people have taken to dating online, remaining socially distant. A lot of singles have struggled this year, and to those, we say 'don't lose hope'. Your dating opportunities may have been delayed but those opportunities still exist. How you progress them might be different.

Dating improvements for 2021

Whilst we don't have any special plans for 2021, we'll continue to monitor our service for any bugs and making general improvements where we can. We've had some amazing feedback this year and one aspect of our service that we are looking into is verifying members to ensure they are who they say they are and are of legal age. At the moment, we don't ask for any credit card information and we don't expect to do so in the future. We're looking at various systems to enable us to verify member identities in order to reduce spamming and discourage those members who abuse our free service.

Why complain about a free dating service?

Occasionally, and thankfully not very often, we have members complain about our service – that they haven't found what they're looking for. We're a small independent dating site that manages to keep going thanks to the advertising revenue we generate. We can't guaranty that any of our members will find love or meet anyone in their area – no dating service can - but we do provide an opportunity for this to happen. If we didn't exist, then that's one less opportunity for all our single members. We're a free online service that charges nothing to our members who use us. So to those very few people who have been angry at us for not providing 'results', please think about what you're getting angry at and who you're actually shooting in the foot. An opportunity is better than none, and unlike a lot of the large, more commercial dating services, we pride ourselves on how we manage our data and your privacy. We limit any data we take from our members and of the data we do take, we don't sell it or pass it on to anyone else.

Spammers will never give up

One of the biggest issues we face is dealing with spammers who abuse our service. We have a lot of systems and techniques in use to detect spammers, but it's impossible to stop them from using online dating services like Flirthut. This is made even harder because we don't currently validate our members' identities. However, we are looking into implementing a system that enables us to do this in the future. It adds some inconvenience for genuine members but should deter a significant proportion of spammers. In the meantime, use your instincts and common sense when talking with anyone online. Spammers usually give themselves away far too easily.

Exposure on social media platforms

For well over four years now, the most popular social media outlets (the names of which I won't mention here for various reasons, but I'm sure you know who they are) have decided not to assist us in promoting our service. The excuses we've been given are that we provide an adult orientated service, which is true to a certain extent as we encourage adults to form relationships with others, but we are not an 'adult website'. Dating is one of the fundamental actions in life. It's completely disgraceful that larger dating sites are encouraged and allowed to actively advertise their platforms on social media while we can't. And some of those have content that really is disgraceful and uncontrolled. This hasn't stopped us from growing though, despite slowing us down. We have found various alternatives to help us promote our service, including recommendations from members and ex-members. We'd like to thank all our users, regardless of whether they are still members or not, for supporting us over the years and helping us grow. Independent datings services like us are slowly diminishing and without your support, we wouldn't be here. Tell your friends and colleagues about us and spread the word about Flirthut wherever you can.

So all that remains to be said is thank you again to all our supporters for keeping us going. May 2021 shine the brightest light in the tunnel that it could possibly shine. May it bring better dating opportunities for you all, and may it see you and your loved ones in good health. See you all on the other side!

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Dated: 2020-12-31
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zxy0954 2022-01-20 18:20:48

Why have my uploaded photos never passed?

bfab 2020-12-31 20:09:35

Well done to you all! A happy new year to you to!

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