How to use your attitude to have a better online dating experience

Online dating and the law of attraction

It's all about attitude

The conventional approach to dating has changed somewhat and despite the reluctance of some, online dating is growing and becoming ever more popular. Success is all about attitude

The dating scene has seen many styles of approaches and attempts come and go, and has come far from the simplistic "drinks are on the house, that person took care of it" approach that the older generations have come to know it as. Struggling with a wall composed of a whole list of factors, such as the need to have mutual friends, interests, courage, or a mix of all three is now a thing of the past with technological advancements affecting different aspects of our lives - dating being one of them.

As a common struggle with most people looking to find and mingle with prospective young singles in their area, the gap between a single person and another used to be a lot more complex with a higher risk of failure. However, online dating and dating apps have started to challenge the existence of this gap.

Most dating apps and online dating work like this:

Find someone you like -> click a button that says you like them -> wait and see if they like you back -> you're alerted through a push notification that they like you also -> love (?)

It may seem that online dating "ruined" the whole essence of the mystery and suspense that comes with dating, but it has actually helped a lot of people find other singles that match their exact type, saves more time, and even helped people meet their life partners - and you could be one of them!

Online dating might seem like something you'd want to stay away from because of some of the taboos that come with it and all the horror stories you find online; however, it could very much be your next step in finding "the one" for you, no matter how cheesy it might sound.

Now, before you bring out your inner Casanova and save someone from their terrible experiences from previous romantic pursuits with a kiss, there are a few things that you'll have to straighten out and get in order first- with one of them being the attitude you fit into your online dating personality.

Although online dating might seem like an open grass field filled with prospects, it's important to keep in mind that incompatibility and rejection are more common than you think, so be prepared to be rejected in some cases while doing your best to be a well-bred adult about it.

Having an open mindset to approaching people on an online dating platform won't only help with exhibiting genuity in front of someone you want to impress, but will also help you develop the right attitude when meeting new people. Throwing out all your anxiety towards online dating will help you enjoy the online dating platform by meeting new people and forming new relationships, the way you're supposed to. After all, what's the use of jumping into online dating when you can't even tear down your walls?

Another tip: applying the law of attraction when going into online dating will help tremendously in truly enjoying the platform by cutting out any kind of overthinking you might have while bringing the right things and experiences to you. If all you can think about when it comes to online dating is "oh man I'm gonna get scammed and never meet anybody genuine while wasting my time here", then those things are definitely going to happen! However, if you turn things around and think "I'm going to meet the right people and probably find love here at the right time", then you'll definitely be able to enjoy online dating as it was designed to be enjoyed.

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Written by Tanya S
Dated: 2019-06-17
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