Signs to look out for if a woman likes you online - what to know

She loves me, she loves me not

She loves me, she loves me not

It's not always clear when you speak to a woman online as to whether she's interest in you or not. But follow some of our advice to help you decide.

In today's modern age, your ideal woman could be just around the corner. Love is no longer constantly associated with the old boy-meets-girl story. Love could be just literally a click away, thanks to hundreds of modern dating websites.

Modern online romances can be exciting, fun, and really sweet. However, it does come with its pros and cons. We have to admit it—there is no easy way to tell if the girl you have been chatting with online is genuinely interested in you. The line between real and online life remains rather blurred. Without eye contact, non-verbal cues, facial expressions, and tone of voice, how does one tell if the person behind the screen likes you back?

This challenge is often the cause of many misunderstandings, arguments, and worse, falling out. Here are some tips that will help you tell if a woman likes you to increase your chances of scoring that first date:

1. She replies instantly

If a woman really likes you, she won't wait around for five hours before she sends a reply. Although there are some who will continue to play hard to get, most modern ladies will make it rather clear if they like a guy they met online. In most cases, instant replies are clear and happy indicators of interest.

Be careful though, as some women will play a game to test you. If they show interest and try to keep the conversation going but take hours to reply, perhaps they are using that as a strategy to determine how much you really like them. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. Some women just like to dip their feet in the water before plunging in.

2. She gives her contact details even without being asked

If the pretty little number you are chatting with gives out her contact details without being asked, it's a huge sign that she likes you. In fact, she may even be indirectly encouraging you to ask her out on a date!

If it's on an online dating app, she may offer to give you her social media details or phone number. If it's on Facebook or Instagram, she may give her phone number. It doesn't matter because if the woman makes an effort to move the conversation away from the convenient medium, then it is a huge sign of interest. She may casually play it off by saying "just in case" when she gives out her contact information. Do not hesitate to ask her out to meet up after a bit of communicating and connecting. Chances are that she will be more than happy to oblige!

3. She shows interest in getting to know you

When a girl likes you, it is perfectly normal for her to show interest in getting to know more about you. She will ask questions about yourself - your likes and dislikes, your hobbies, and what ticks you off. No matter what you talk about, she has one clear intention - getting to know you.

If she is enthusiastic and let you talk more about yourself, then it is a sure sign that she likes you. Keep in mind, though, to keep limitations upon yourself. Never divulge any private or personal information. Take things slowly and get to know one another part by part by asking basic and friendly questions.

In the online world, it may take some time before you can tell if the girl is genuinely interested or not. Remember - never assume anything unless it is clearly stated in words. If you really want to know or you are having doubts, pick the perfect timing, and directly ask her if she likes you. Take the risk - just time it right.

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Written by Alan Kasanda
Dated: 2019-10-30
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