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Free Flirthut premium upgrade

Finally, a truly free dating experience

It's official... Flirthut has finally made a decision about its premium membership status, and it's a decision our members love!

Years ago, when we set up our premium membership upgrade, we never implemented it for a few reasons. Flirthut was set up as a completely free dating site and having to charge our members for any part of the site was a difficult decision to make. So the premium membership status remained in limbo for years until a final decision was made just last week.

The original intention was to charge a small fee for premium membership status and we began trialling this many years ago with a credits based system. Unfortunately, this proved quite complicated and confused a lot of our members so we eliminated it completely and decided to focus on just offering an upgrade instead.

Free premium membership for all

Rather than charge our members for premium membership status, we thought it would be much better to let our members 'earn' the status for free. Members can do this very easily by ensuring they meet the following conditions:-

  1. They have been a Flirthut member for at least 2 months
  2. Their account is active and not suspended or banned
  3. They have at least 3 approved public profile photos
  4. They have contributed at least once to the forum

The conditions are intentionally easy to meet to encourage all members to upgrade their accounts. And when an account is upgraded, which is done automatically, members can maintain their premium membership status by signing in to their account at least once a month.

What happens after a month?

If a premium member hasn't signed in to their account for more than a month, their account becomes a standard free account again but we've made it really easy to reinstate it. In this case, providing the free member contributes to our forum again, their membership gets upgraded again for another month automatically.

Why bother with premium membership?

Premium membership offers members a host of additional benefits to make the dating experience more pleasurable and to offer them a greater deal of flexibility with their profile. Members can choose to hide their profiles from public view, showing them only to members of the site or members in their favourites list. They can also send private image attachments with their messages, amongst lots of other things.

So if you're looking for completely free dating and you're not already a member, sign up with Flirthut today and meet thousands of other people in your area.

Written by Flirthut administrator
Dated: 2019-12-02
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Love2eatin 2020-04-08 14:28:23

Will this contribution count toward the free upgrade ? . . . or would you like me to recount a moment from my past that is more lurid ? . . .

Ex-member 2020-02-06 03:32:37

Seems like finally, someone is thinking about its members wanting to stay here instead of going elsewhere. Nice job to the management.

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