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Your online dating profile is like a CV. It will give people the first impression of you so it's worth spending some time on it to get it right.

People tend to commit a few mistakes when trying to date online, which in turn send a wrong message about themselves. Depending on how you write your online dating profile, you may be portraying yourself in the wrong way. Therefore, you attract the wrong kind of people and push the right ones away.

So how should you portray yourself accurately on online dating sites so you can attract your ideal relationship? Here are some tips:

1. Stay away from negative statements

Instead of writing about the things that you don't like, write about the things that you like. When you write something like, "I don't like people who drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes", you're sending out negative energy out there. It makes you sound bitter or jaded.

Focus on reflecting positive energy, and write the characteristics of the person you will want to meet and date. It's a more productive way of attracting the right people into your life.

2. Write an interesting profile

Your profile is the only thing people can go by initially, so it has to be interesting-not short and boring. When you barely write anything about yourself in your online dating profile, it sends a signal that you lack confidence or are boring. It can also imply that you don't have a good sense of yourself, what you can offer, and are looking from the online dating world.

Instead of just writing, "I like cooking", expound on the why. Why do you like cooking? Expand your profile by talking more about the things you enjoy doing. It shows that you give time to think about what you write, and makes you more interesting. If you find it difficult to describe yourself, ask your best friend's help.

3. Use a proper photo of yourself

Don't use a mirror selfie. It can be tempting to take a photo in a bathroom with a full mirror and good lighting while holding your phone, but no, don't use it. It shows your lack of care for yourself, and it's a sloppy presentation of yourself. Another mistake is a provocative photo of you in underwear. You can look sexy even without showing some skin.

Dress in your favorite clothes that make you feel confident and ask a friend to take a photo of you. Make sure that the quality of the photo is good, with your face visible and looking and smiling at the camera.


Your online profile will give people the first impression of you. It's like the first window to your life. It is essential to be careful about what you post and portray yourself accurately so that you will attract the right kind of people you can date, not the people you don't like. Posts that are not well-thought-out will send a wrong message about you, and people will skip your profile.

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Written by Tanya S
Dated: 2019-07-29
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