Online dating success – a quick guide for guys

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It doesn't have to be difficult

If you're serious about making your online dating experience successful, there are a few rules to follow and understand.

Women get a lot more messages than guys. Some women may have hundreds of new messages in their inbox each day, and sifting through them all can take up a lot of time. What most women tend to do is focus on messages that are engaging and interesting. So rule number one is to ensure you keep them interested. How do you do that you might be wondering? Well, unfortunately, there's no one answer to this question.

Are they messaging lots of other guys?

If you can see that they are online, but they aren't responding very quickly to your messages, then they are probably chatting to a lot of other guys. You might want to consider whether they're worth making an effort over as you'll have to impress them a lot to keep them interested. You might find that messages flow well for a short time and then suddenly end abruptly. Invest your time in a woman that values you more than the other guys.

Don't assume they're interested if they respond to your opening message

If you've asked them a sensible question, a lot of women will tend to want to reply with an answer. That doesn't necessarily mean they're interested in you. If their response is short and nonreciprocal, they are probably responding just to answer your question. If they are more engaging with you, then there is a stronger likelihood that they are interested in you. Short responses usually indicate a lack of interest.

Have they lost interest?

If someone you've been chatting to stops responding to your messages, they could be ghosting you. Ghosting is a term used when someone decides not to stay in touch with you because they've found someone else more interesting or, for some reason, have lost interest in you. Don't assume their ghosting you though if they don't respond as quickly as you'd expect them too. They may be too busy to respond as soon as you would, so give them a bit of time. If they haven't responded within a couple of days, give up on them as that ship will have sailed.

It's a numbers game at times

To stand a better chance of getting positive responses from female daters, try and get in touch with as many women as you can. Some might consider this a bit thoughtless, but the reality is most of the women that will respond are going to 'ghost' you anyway. To ensure you stand any chance of success, you should keep your options open. Don't be rude or disrespectful to other members, but always have it in the back of your mind that most of the women you are chatting to will lose interest at some point.

She wants to meet quickly

A lot of women will decide whether they like a guy when they meet face to face. The chemistry is always easier to understand, but to save a lot of time and expense, you're better off establishing how well suited you are while you're chatting online. The more you can find out about them, the better.

Should I get her a gift?

Buying her a gift for when you first meet depends on the relationship you have both formed up until that point. In most instances, it isn't a great idea to buy her a gift because you might not know what she'd like. The typical gift cliché is to get her flowers, which would have been a great idea in a different era, but a lot of modern women don't value that kind of gallantry any more. The best gift you can get her on a first date is to give her a memorable evening by being a great date.

Be open and honest about what you're looking for

Women appreciate honesty, even if it's something they don't want to hear. That doesn't mean it's OK to tell them that all you're looking for is to sleep with them. You have to be more tactful when it comes to letting them know your expectations. For example, you could tell them that you're not interested in anything serious or you're just looking to make friends.

Is she really into you?

If you end up going on a date with her, she's interested in you up to that point. That doesn't necessarily mean she'll be interested in you after the date. How you come across face to face is often very different than chatting by text. If she's interested in seeing you again after your first date, then you've pretty much sealed the deal, providing you don't put her off with something else later down the line.

What if you don't like her after you've met?

You may no longer be attracted to her after you meet for the first time. If you aren't, don't be mean or aggressive towards her. Be honest, but tactful. Tell her that your interests are different or something along those lines. Whatever you do, don't tell her that you'd like to see her again if you don't. Breaking someone's heart is never a good thing.

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Dated: 2019-12-31
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