Why online dating is better than dating face to face

Online dating is better than dating face to face

Some might disagree but the facts are obvious

Artificial Intelligence can be so beneficial in the dating world. It can help keep you safe and increase your chances of meeting someone that's suited to you.

Love works like marketing, as the more often you get exposed to someone, the more likely you are to have feelings for them. Thus, it's a no-brainer when people fall in love with people who live near them because they see that person of interest every day. Nevertheless, online technology has enabled people to search for love interests beyond the boundaries of their neighborhood. Old flames separated by time zones may reignite because the internet has "shrunk" the world. Long-distance online dating offers a host of possibilities and advantages that you can tap to find love regardless of how far you two are separated. Read on to find out when and why long-distance online dating is better than going to the bar or a mixer.

1. You want to try something new

If you like to stay indoors most of the time, it is indeed refreshing to go to the beach or a tropical island. That's the same with dating, only you use the internet to "travel" the world in search of someone who would find you interesting. You can try to push your comfort zone and look for someone living in a place with a different zip code. Additionally, perhaps all of the people you like in your neighborhood or place of work have been "taken". Long-distance online dating lets you expand your potential pool of mates and increase the chances of finding someone out there who suits you.

2. Harness the power of AI matching technology

Even if there are many potential dates in your neighborhood, you might still find almost none who share the same interests and values as you. With long distance online dating, you widen the scope of possible partners that can include nearby towns and cities, or even other countries.

Today's online dating and matching sites are so different from the pen-pal-like technologies of dating websites in the early 2000s. Artificial Intelligence has changed the way matchmaking happens online. It can cull the profiles, preferences, interests, and characteristics of millions of people on a dating platform where it is used. In a few seconds, it can create a shortlist of people whom you may find suitable.

AI can predict the behaviors of people in ways which merely can't be done living and working in proximity to a person. You can weed out toxic people or people so full of themselves with just a few clicks on the match settings. You can even find someone who likes eating pizza while discussing Hegel's philosophy if that's your thing. Get the right match with the power of AI.

3. Long-distance is a safe distance

Long-distance allows you to have space to think clearly about the direction of your relationship. The separation would also compel you to research more about the person you are dating. You can unplug yourself easily if you find your commitment or the other party's commitment wavering or if they're dating you for the wrong reasons. On the other hand, proximity allows for repeated exposure and the strengthening of emotions over rationality, which would make it difficult to move on. Thus, long-distance online dating gives you some room to see if red flags are on the horizon or if the person you are dating is "the one". There might be no physical touch or money involved yet, but if the person passes your trust test over a protracted period, long-distance online dating could even pave the way for a personal meet-up someday.

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Written by Tanya S
Dated: 2019-08-06
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