Not getting any messages on your online dating account, here's what to do...

No online dating messages

It can be frustrating not getting any messages

You're not alone though. It can take time to get messages on your online dating account. Sometimes you have to check your approach and change your tactics.

Online dating apps and websites offer a fun, exciting, and quick way to meet and make new friends. Ultimately, you might find your next love if you’re lucky enough to meet someone who ticks all the boxes of what you’re looking for in a new guy or girl. However, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. We understand it can get lonely and frustrating when you don’t get messages. Even worse is when no one’s replying to your messages.

It’s like your initiative is not taken seriously by anyone and that no one finds you likeable despite putting a lot of effort and time in creating a good profile. You even chose your best photo to post as your display picture. A couple of people even engaged in some of your posts. So what could be wrong? At least one of the people you messaged should have answered even just to say “hi” back, right?

Days and weeks pass by and you still haven’t heard back from anyone. So you start to think: maybe online dating isn’t for me.

Woah, there. Are you really giving up that easily?

You see, if online dating worked for others, why won’t it work for you? Perhaps you’re getting some things wrong.

We don’t want you to be discouraged by this hump on the online dating road. Here’s what you can do if it seems that no one’s interested in answering your messages.

Be Patient

Yes, you read that right. Cliche maybe, but “good things come for those who wait”. See, the online dating world is huge. Different kinds of people are in it. It’s natural for some users to try and be cautious, which is why they won’t answer to messages instantly. It’s also possible they’re busy with work and career.

Trust us - sooner or later, someone will read your message and send a reply.

Love Yourself

While you’re waiting to find a new friend that you will get to know more, why not get to know yourself more? Better yet, develop yourself. Go to the gym and get fit. Pick a sport. Learn a new skill. Instead of sulking and falling into the well of self-pity just because no one’s replying to your messages, invest in yourself. Master self-love so you won’t have to look for that kind of security from others.

Improve Your Approach

Look back at your inbox and the messages you’ve been sending. If you did any of the following three things, it’s about time to step up your game.

  • Send a generic message
  • Directly talk about finding someone to be in a relationship
  • Talk about yourself only without asking the other person about their interests, etc.

If you want people to start replying to you, here are some tips:

  • Personalize your messages. Look at their profile. Can you find anything that interests you? You can start your message by talking about that.
  • Ask them how they are. You have to show sincerity in doing so.
  • Don’t jump on the “relationship” topic right away! Make it clear that you want to get to know the other person first.

With a nice profile and the right messaging approach, you’ll likely start getting messages in your inbox, too!

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Written by Tanya S
Dated: 2019-06-04
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