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Like anything in life, how much you invest and nurture in a relationship will ultimately influence how well it grows and flourishes.

Creating magical moments in your relationship is every couple's goal, but doing it is not always as straightforward as it seems. Every relationship is unique, and different partners mean that there are many ways for them to interpret romance. The key is finding the right one that both parties can appreciate and enjoy.

This may mean that you'll have to take the lead, but it's more than enough to nudge your partner in the right direction and get them involved in the romance-making. Love is, after all, one of the most substantial needs people have. It's what makes people feel connected and the intimacy you get from a proper relationship is more fulfilling than any double-tapped hearts you can get from social media.

With that in mind, it can be a challenge to keep the connection secure, especially if you've been together for quite a long time. You may run out of ideas through the years, leaving you in search of new ways to re-ignite the spark with your partner and fan the flames. To that end, here are some tips that can help you set up a romantic gesture fit for all kinds of couples.

Tip 1: Always Give Time to Connect with Your Partner

Relationships are either growing or dying, just like any other living thing in this world. How much you invest and nurture the connection will influence how it grows and flourish. With that in mind, striving to give time to your partner and actively engage with them will help strengthen your bond as a couple.

When relationships are struggling, more often than not, it is a tell-tale sign that someone is neglecting their partner. Instead of resorting to finger-pointing, the best practice is to reach an understanding by taking the small steps to fan the flames of your connection - be it through heartfelt conversations, small gestures, or a conscious effort to do an activity that both of you can enjoy.

Tip 2: Keep the Friendship Strong

The key to building a stable relationship has a strong, underlying friendship to cement your love and connection. Beyond the attraction, it's crucial to see them as someone who you can have fun with, confide with, and laugh with on a daily basis. With that in mind, be sure to treat your partner with the same respect, kindness, and support you would give to a close friend.

Tip 3: Strive for Open Communication

It's not always easy to talk about what you feel as many people tend to feel vulnerable and uncomfortable at the thought of expressing their opinions. However, excellent communication is the foundation of any healthy relationship, which is why it is essential to keep your lines open to encourage full understanding and mitigate needless arguments.

Communication also builds trust, promotes understanding, and ensures that you and your partner have the same level of respect for each other. When a problem arises, being tight-lipped about the issue will only hurt your partner and the relationship. Meanwhile, taking the courage and time to make them see things from your point of view creates a love that is clear, honest, and mature.

Tip 4: Work on Kind, Small Gestures that your partner can Appreciate

It doesn't always have to be grand gestures and big celebrations that make or mar a relationship. More often than not, it's the little things that truly count. With that in mind, strive to make a conscious effort on doing kind, small gestures for your partner. For instance, something as simple as having breakfast in bed can make for a heart-warming moment.

As the saying goes, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and that's more accurate than ever in this case. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so cooking dishes that will help him power through it can be fulfilling in every aspect.

Tip 5: Make a Conscious Effort to Listen to Your Partner Actively

Having the ability to listen actively is one of the most overlooked yet fundamental traits any healthy relationship should possess. This is what acts as the bridge between couples, allowing both spectrums to engage each other's unique vantage point.

The ability to gain valuable insight from one another is the first step in keeping the connection strong in any relationship. This means that you have to develop the ability to listen with the intent to learn and let go of thinking ahead to formulate a prompt response.

One way to do it is to maintain your focus on the person talking - either through eye contact or encouraging nods where it is appropriate. Let the speaker have some time to pause and resist the urge to fill the silence with your opinions to let the person fully express his or her thoughts first.

Romance is a key fundamental to any successful relationship wherein both sides need to meet half-way. It takes two to tango after all, and you will need to uncover what romance means to you as a couple. You don't have to buy gifts that break the bank, as there are simple ways to make your partner happy. Many times, all it takes is to unplug from your digital world and consciously participate in the present with your partner.

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Written by Alan Kasanda
Dated: 2019-10-10
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