Flirthut is connecting singles with real members

Connecting singles with real members

Don't be fooled by other dating sites

Online dating is purely a numbers game for many but quantity doesn't always mean quality. Flirthut won't bombard you with automated messages from fake profiles when you sign up.

Flirthut has been around for a good few years showing the world that small independent dating sites can also be successful in a world dominated by mass market dating services. One thing I love about Flirthut is how it connects singles with real members. A lot of online dating services have systems in place to make it look like other members are interested in you and it's shocking how many actually do this. In the past, there have been several law suits filed against some of the big players in the dating world. People claiming the services were dishonest by encouraging users to pay to respond to automated messages from bogus members. What is even more shocking is that despite the dishonesty, these practices are what have given the big players opportunities to grow to the scale they are now.

Not all members are genuine

It would be a lie to say that every member on Flirthut was a genuine person looking to date, but it's clear that there is no automation with regards to connecting members. As a singleton myself and an amateur journalist, I created a profile on Flirthut to see if I could connect with someone and to test out their system. Flirthut is a free dating service so there's no risk of losing anything if you don't get results. They do offer a premium service for a small fee but at the time of writing this, that service wasn't available.

At first glance, I was impressed with the Flirthut interface although there are a few glitches. To be honest, I didn't expect as much as I got. What was clear is that there are no automated messages from bogus members as soon as you sign up. I didn't get any messages at all but that's what I expected. I'm a 49 year old male with receding hair and I'm also on the really popular dating services like Tinder and Bumble - I don't get any responses on those either. Had I received some unsolicited messages on Flirthut, I probably would have been suspicious. After a couple of weeks of membership, I got nothing. So, I decided to do what I usually do on dating sites and approach other members, mainly women – after all I am still looking to connect with other singles.

As expected, my choice of members was fairly limited given that I reside in a suburban location but surprisingly, I did come across a few profiles of interest. Having messaged them all, I was delighted to get a couple of responses back. Unfortunately, one of those appeared to be from a fake member so I reported them and added them to my blocked list, but the others seemed genuine. I was a little bit sceptical at first, wondering whether I was messaging a machine or not, but the responses were far too genuine to be anything but human.

A few weeks later, I'm still in the same position as I was before. My interaction with the profiles I found earlier hadn't really evolved. Had I have paid for any of this, I may have been slightly irritated, but because it was all free, I didn't feel like I'd lost out. If anything, Flirthut had given me an additional opportunity to connect with singles that I wouldn't have had otherwise. As a single man, that to me is a bonus. And I'm sure that given more time, I'd be able to connect with more people.

Getting in touch

When I got in contact with Flirthut - and they make this surprisingly easy - I gave them some feedback and introduced myself as an amateur journalist.

The response I got back was...

Thank you for your message. We're pleased that you'd like to write a review about our service and would be delighted to publish it in our blog. For your information and reference, we don't buy or share our member database with anyone else. All our members have signed up specifically to use our service. We appreciate that some of those members may not be genuinely looking to connect with others but the majority are. We are continually improving our service by looking at ways to reduce the number of people signing up with intentions other than to connect with members for dating purposes. Our premium service that offers some useful extra functions is currently under development. Our free service has some restrictions but it doesn't stop members from connecting with each other including exchanging messages and viewing profiles.

We look forward to reading your review and appreciate your feedback and support.

In summary, I take my hat off to Flirthut for their tenacity to break into a very competitive mass market and having such a good customer service which will definitely help. They truly are an honest service that I hope will continue to grow. After all, the way I see it is the more opportunities I have to connect with people, the better my chances of finding someone special.

I hope that more people will support independent online services like Flirthut as the internet is become more dominated by organisations and institutions concerned more with their financial welfare than helping the people their service is designed for.

Written by William Kershaw
Dated: 2019-09-25
Viewed: 2561 times


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