Exciting first date ideas that will save you money - our guide

Couple on a cheap date - stroll on the beach

A date doesn't have to be expensive

We've already given you some alternative date ideas in a previous blog, but what if you want something simple and cheap? Keep reading to find out more...

First dates often are a make or break situation. You have to make a good impression, and most of the time, those kinds of dates will burn a hole in your pocket. But does it always have to be fancy?

Some women are impressed with the quality of time you spend on your first date than the number of dollars you spend. You must keep your date casual but fun, with ample time for engaging conversations. But let's face it, planning an economical date, yet not lame, is no easy task.

Below is an A-list of fascinating cheap date ideas:

1. Go on a hike

If there are great trails for hiking nearby, grab this opportunity. Mornings will be the best time to go - the lighting and view of a sunrise hike are breathtaking, plus you can get lots of photos for your Instagram.

2. Watch a movie under the stars

If your date is a sucker for romcoms, then there is no better way to watch it outside under the stars. You may bring out a pair of comfortable lawn chairs, popcorn, and some sodas, and it will be a hit.

3. Attend a comedy night

Going to a comedy bar is not that expensive, and some bars offer free open mic nights. A mutual sense of humor is one of the crucial elements for a successful romantic relationship. Thus, a night of laughter and jokes will help you learn more about your date in a happy kind of way.

4. Play board games

Some places offer coffee and a free choice of board games. Playing a fun board game like monopoly, Jenga, or Scrabble while having coffee beats just sitting and talking. You will both be having fun and losing the tension between the two of you.

5. Take a sunset stroll

Before going to your dinner date, you may want to have a stroll as the sun goes down. It is very romantic and may set the mood for the rest of your evening together.

6. Set up a picnic at the beach

Pack some light snacks and sodas and bring your date to a picnic at the beach. Nothing is ever as enchanting and romantic with sand on your feet and the sea breeze on your faces. While at the beach, wait for the sunset and just sit together in awe of the wonderful view before you.

7. Go for breakfast

You may find dinner to be a bit fancy or a simple coffee date may have such a limited time. The next best thing is breakfast at your favorite diner instead. Your date may go both ways - it can be a disaster, then you may excuse yourself and find more fruitful ways to spend the day, or if you hit it off, then you might end spending the whole day with your date.

The bottom line is, how much you spend on your date does not determine if your relationship will bloom or die a natural death. It is how the two of you react and interact with each other, and the chemistry you have.

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Written by Alan Kasanda
Dated: 2019-11-13
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