Dating 101 - Should you text him or not after a great date?

Text him after a great date

Listen to yourself, not to others

Texting him after a great date is a decision you should make and it shouldn't be something you should let others push you into or persuade you into doing. There are no rules about texting. It really depends on how you feel your relationship with him is likely to progress.

There's nothing more overwhelming than the feeling of meeting someone you could have a long-term relationship with. For instance, what if you went out on a date with that person and you both had a great time?

Prior to that, you may have all the jitters that come with dating someone for the very first time. You and your prospective partner may have agreed on a particular date, place, and time. When the night comes, things are a little awkward at first. But as the night goes on, you and your date warm up to each other. You laugh and talk for hours. You get along so well. You seem to like each other. The night ends on a high note for both of you.

Now, the question is, should you text him or should you wait for him to text you instead? We'll answer these questions in the following section.

Common Advice

It's a big no-no to text him right after a date. That's the typical advice that you'll get from family, friends, and colleagues out there. First off, you are a woman, and you should wait. Second, you don't want to appear or sound desperate. Third, if he really likes you, then he'll keep in touch as soon as possible. These are the usual arguments that you'll hear from everyone around you as to why you shouldn't text first.

But here's the caveat: they may all be wrong. Apparently, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to dating and whatnot. What if your heart says you want to reach out to this person? Why don't you give it a try? After all, it's just a simple text. Here are three reasons why it's important to stop worrying and just send that text.

Communication is the key

In any relationship, communication is key. Some of the most successful relationships have open lines of communication. You'll want to find a partner who is comfortable with commitment, communication, and intimacy. This too applies to early stages of a relationship. There must be a good reason why your first date ended so well.

That might give you the impression that you like each other, and it might lead to something beautiful and special in the future. If you text him first, that will give him the impression that you value communication, honesty, and transparency. These values are important in a relationship. Besides, with communication, you'll find out early on if the relationship is going somewhere or not. Gone are the days when we play gender roles. Today, communication is what matters most.

Authenticity makes a difference

The next thing that matters is authenticity. In this day and age when it is easy to become who we are not, being authentic is valuable. Being authentic is simply being 'you'. It is about being honest about your thoughts and feelings, about what you want and what you don't. This is so crucial at the start of a relationship. It's best that you keep it real as early as possible. If you text him after a successful date, that only means that you are being honest and real about what you feel and what you expect. Chances are he'll take you as you are for being authentic. As mature adults, we should know what we want and what we should do.

Playing guessing games is a big no-no

Finally, playing guessing games is a big no-no. It can get really exhausting to play games. This is only for growing teens who know nothing about love. As young adults, we should be mature enough to know what we want. This includes something as simple as texting someone after a successful date. This doesn't have to stress you at all.

If the date was successful, then you have all the reasons to find out if you and the other person have something special or not. You should text first in order to gauge the other party's interest first. If there's a positive response, then it's good for you and your would-be partner. If not, then it's about time to move on to someone else.

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Written by Tanya S
Dated: 2019-08-13
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