Can you learn from a bad blind date?

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I don’t do blind dates but I took a chance and guess what happened…

I met a blind date that a friend had set up for me but I don’t do blind dates. It’s a bit risky. But I took a chance. It’s amazing how quickly we make our minds up about people. We ended up in a busy pub and he wanted burgers so I had no choice. The date didn’t work out but I learnt a few things about myself.

I remember meeting a blind date that a friend had set up for me in Leicester Square many years back. I don't do blind dates. I mean meeting someone who you have never set eyes on is a bit risky don't you think? What if there is no chemistry on both sides? Or they turn out to be a real bore and you are stuck with them all evening? I took a chance and thought nothing ventured, nothing gained. I remember walking up the stairs at the tube station feeling optimistic and excited. On the journey to the station, in my head I had built this stranger up to possibly be "the one". My expectations were running high. My friend had done a great job selling him to me. He was a professional, good job, had his own flat and was apparently tall. He was supposed to be funny and good company, popular in the office. This all sounded great to me. So why wouldn't I take a chance?

I looked across the very crowded entrance to the station and spotted a tall man in a beige jacket looking lost and nervous and my sixth sense kicked in. I bet that's him, I thought to myself. It was him, and I was in for a very long night. It's amazing how quickly we make our minds up sometimes about people. I had only spoken to him for a few minutes and knew that he just wasn't right for me. The whole evening didn't go as planned and he spent most of it talking about himself and not really asking me anything. I can only assume he was either not interested in me or he thought that I would want to listen to him for hours about his holidays, his mates and his job. Perhaps it was nerves? Not sure. We ended up in a busy pub not too far from the station, then we went to grab some food, he wanted burgers - I had no choice! Then we ended up in a bar where I politely excused myself and blamed my early rise the next day, grabbed the first taxi I could and headed back to the station.

Although this date didn't work out, it wasn't a complete disaster as I learnt a few things about myself and what I do want.

  1. If a friend wants to set you up, make sure they really do know you, are good friends with you so they can make a good choice for you. My friend who had set me up really didn't know me that well so she set me up with someone that was so very wrong for me.
  2. If you do agree to a date, make sure you have some idea of where you are going. If he suggests meeting you at a station it might be useful to check out the bars pubs etc in that area ahead of time so you know which ones to avoid and which ones you will feel most comfortable in. It's important you are comfortable and if he is a gentleman he will understand that.
  3. Guys - by all means talk about yourself, every woman wants to hear your story but draw breath and perhaps involve the woman in your conversation. That's the key; it should be a conversation not a monologue.
  4. Oh and if you do decide to get food, perhaps make sure your date likes the choice of food you want!
  5. Take plenty of taxi money in case you need to bid a hasty retreat which I did that night.
  6. Personally I think blind dates are a bad idea as you have no realistic impression to go on at all. When you are internet dating at least you have a profile presence on both sides and hopefully a good photo. I had nothing. I had not seen him and he had not seen me before.
  7. If the date doesn’t go well, just chalk it up to experience. Don’t give up…. Keep going! Somewhere out there will be a better date.

Written by Maria Simeou (Guest writer)
Dated: 2015-07-03
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