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woman taking online dating photo

Tips on how to choose the best photos for your profile on dating apps

Online dating success depends on the quality of your profile photos. Your photos will tell a prospective match so much about you so it's imperative that you convey the concept of who you are through the photos you choose.


Man and woman on a date

Three messaging mistakes men commonly make when dating online

Dating online can need some effort and patience, but men in particular should be aware of a few key points to success. Messaging etiquette, showing an interest in the prospective date and standing out can make all the difference.


online relationship honesty

Flirthut - 5 steps to making the online relationship succeed offline

Be realistic, honest and sincere, and watch how an online relationship can develop just as easily offline. Expect differences in opinion and remember, you're an adult not a child.


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Flirthut - Reasons why online dating is best for you

For some, online dating doesn't have a great reputation but the truth is it is widely used to help many people meet their partners. Having a positive perspective when online dating will certainly help increase your chances of meeting someone online.


Onlined dating profile

Flirthut - How to improve your online dating profile

Whilst an online profile doesn't always mean you'll get a match, getting it right can dramatically improve your chances. The key is to be unique and honest.


In love on the sea

What is love?

Is love a mystical force or is it a subjective set of emotions? Everyone experiences love in a different way. What is love is a question that anyone dating or in a relationship will ask themselves all the time.


The benefits of online dating

Flirthut - The Benefits of Online Dating

Dating is hard as is; but with the power of the internet, it has made the process a little easier, as technology does with everything. Of course, there are pros and cons to meeting someone on the internet, but there is no denying that is has become the new way to meet that special someone! We are getting ahead of the dating game in this century, so many singles out there should take advantage of it!


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Detach yourself from a potential date until you meet

I couple of years ago, I fell for a guy on a dating site like Flirthut. Initially, they appeared to be out of bounds to me and out of my league but exchanging a few messages here and there revealed that we both had an interest in each other. It took some time before one of us plucked up the courage to ask the other one on a date, and it just so happened that it was me that made the first move.


At the bar

I've slept with over 1000 men that I met online

How many partners is too many? What's acceptable and what's not? I just enjoy the thrill of meeting someone and the closeness of a brief but intense intimate relationship. We all make choices in life. Some of us make choices that we are happy with and the rest make choices that others are happy with.


You look nothing like your profile photos so…

Meeting dates should be fun, but it turned out to be a traumatic experience for me. He looked nothing like his profile photos and I couldn't believe the foul language he used to try and be friendly. Eventually I had to tell him what I thought and that didn't go down well at all.


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Should you pay for online dating?

A lot of us believe that paid for dating sites are better than free dating sites, but how do you actually quantify and measure that? Years ago, it was believed that online dating sites that charged a subscription would provide a better level of service than sites that were free. So what is this "better level of service" exactly? Does it even exist?


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Can you learn from a bad blind date?

I met a blind date that a friend had set up for me but I don’t do blind dates. It’s a bit risky. But I took a chance. It’s amazing how quickly we make our minds up about people. We ended up in a busy pub and he wanted burgers so I had no choice. The date didn’t work out but I learnt a few things about myself.


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Mr Right vs Mr Right Now

We all want Mr Right but sometimes we just need Mr Right Now. Mr Right is more dependable, reliable and listens to what you have to say. Mr Right Now is more about initial attraction. He smells good, dresses well and has an incredible presence about them.


swans in love

A quick guide to successful online dating

Most people will try online dating at some time in their life. A lot of those will find the experience tricky and daunting but it doesn't need to be. I've put together a quick guide that should help you make the most of your online dating experience.


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