A quick guide on dating spiritually

Dating spiritually

Looking from an objective standpoint

Being spiritually minded is like letting your gut feeling guide you along your journey. Sometimes your need to ask yourself questions to ensure the path you take is the right one.

Navigating the dating world is not an easy task for most people, especially when it comes to finding the right person. You want every factor to work in your favor. Understandably, it has become easy and difficult at the same time. Dates are easier to come by, but finding the right person to go long-term with is harder.

If you go the extra mile by applying a spiritual approach to dating, you might get lost in the world of dating. Trying to find your way in the dating world is being like a rat stuck in a maze - except that the maze is a lot larger than you expect and the exit leads to the start of another maze.

Fortunately, trusting your instincts and going by your spirit when dating isn't as difficult as it may seem as long as you know what you should do. Here are a few tips you should consider when dating while remaining spiritual:

First Things First: Identify the Source of Your Spirituality

The term "spiritual" itself can be pretty loose when looking at things from a technical standpoint without proper context. Before jumping into the dating world and putting your available status on display, it's vital to understand what your source of spirituality is in the first place.

Dating comes with the need to understand that it also comes with labels that might cause a few issues with your spirituality. Every label comes with its own built-in assumptions, which can either complicate dating spiritually or make things easier.

By knowing your source of spirituality and associated labels you feel would best describe who you truly (or spiritually) are, you can make your desires better known to people you'll be meeting. Although it may be easy to call yourself as spiritual, it's essential to ensure that you truly understand what it means to be one. Also, don't expect a potential date to mirror your beliefs.

Take the Source of Your Spirituality into Consideration

Your spirituality is much like your gut feeling and internal compass in the dating world (and perhaps in navigating the rest of your life). The only exception is that it's more logical and named with a great deal of finesse.

Think of your source of spirituality the same way you would with the term "what would ____ do?" Regardless of whether the blank is filled with "Jesus," "Dr. Phil," or "a sausage roll," the saying is used to achieve one thing: an opportunity to reflect on a decision that may inevitably lead to regret or bliss.

Every major situation and decision that you're going to run into when dating requires a bit of settling down and viewing everything from an objective standpoint with your source of spirituality. It's the same way "What Would Jesus Do?" works. Incorporating the source of your spirituality when dating makes it much easier to see any possible relationship as a means to evolve and become more natural as time goes by.

Expand Your Definition of Spirituality Along Your Journey

Although dating spiritually is a journey that entails finding your perfect match, it's also a matter of evolving as a person. When used the right way, considering the source of your spirituality and dating spiritually can help you become more open to viewpoints that are opposite from that of your own. As time goes by and you become more committed to dating spiritually, you'll be able to expand your viewpoints, tolerances, and dating options along the way.

While it may be perceived as a great challenge by some people, the truth about dating spiritually is that it can be fulfilling when it comes to getting things right without missing out on valuable experiences. Remember these tips on dating spiritually, as you embark on your journey of finding the one to spend forever with.

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Written by Alan Kasanda
Dated: 2019-10-17
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