35 date ideas

date ideas

A date doesn't have to follow convention

Dates don't have to be monotonous. We’ve come up with some date ideas that could seal the deal with your potential other half.

Dates don't always have to be conventional. Sometimes, couples are more suited to dates that are somewhat different to the norm. We've come up with 35 date ideas, from the most conventional to the bizarre, that may hopefully inspire the most adventurous daters.


1. Car restoration

Yes you read that correctly. What better way to bond with your potential match than dusting off the cobwebs from that old engine and oiling up your pistons. Lots of potential horsepower, I mean horseplay and plenty of torque, I mean talk.

2. Home improvement

If you've got some home improving to do, why not get your date to give you a helping hand? You have to be smart selling them the idea but doing something meaningful and helpful is actually a pretty good way to bond. It's cheap too. Just be sure to ask your date to bring lots of protection and watch the look of shock on their face when you do.

3. Metal detecting on the beach

Get that old metal detector up and running again and take your date for a ramble across the beach while you both take it in turns to make your equipment beep. You could find all sorts of gems and oddities. Imagine the two of you tallying up all your bits and pieces at the end of the day.

4. Taking them for a tea date

Why not go for an afternoon tea? OK this might not be the most exciting of date ideas for many, but a lot of tea rooms are considered to be romantic places, providing you're prepared to splash out a bit. Take a look at glitzy hotels as they often have afternoon tea services, and if you're really lucky, you could end up staying the night. Wishful thinking perhaps, but you never know.

5. Dinner in the Sky

This is one of my favorite date ideas but just don't risk it if you have a fear of heights. Mixed with food, it could be a recipe for disaster. Basically, you and your 'guest', along with other diners, table and waiting staff, are hoisted up into the air by a crane while you eat your meal strapped into your seat for dear life. The Dinner in the Sky service is only available in certain cities. Take a look at:-


6. A graveyard walk

Grave yards are actually very serene places, the perfect opportunity to get to know your date. Just make sure they're alive and well and try not to plan the date at night for obvious reasons.

7. Chocolate making date

If you're potential other half likes chocolate (and I don't know many people that don't), this could be the ultimate of all date ideas. There are plenty of chocolate making experiences in most cities around the world and they make really fun days out. In fact, this one is definitely in my top ten of date ideas. It's unique, fun, sweet, messy and it could get very sticky too. What more do you want?
Take a look at:-


There are lots more online. Just search for chocolate making experiences.

8. Painting

This date idea can be undertaken in various settings. You could do it at your place, at theirs or even at a dedicated art group/course. Whatever you choose, you might end up sketching each other Titanic style.

Image taken from Tenor - submitted by IsabelHammer

9. Performance/sports car experience

Another one of my favorites. There are plenty of tracks where you can book some time in a performance vehicle and take someone, your date, along with you. It'll be a date full of adrenaline, fear, laughter and excitement. Pretty much everything you need for a truly memorable date. They'll surely fall into your arms afterwards, if they don't collapse on the floor first.

10. Rambling

A great idea for a date on a budget. If you both like the outdoors, there are plenty of country walks for an afternoon stroll in the hay.

11. Comedy clubs

Another one of my favorite date ideas – because I once took a girlfriend to a comedy club for a first date and we both just fell for each other. There's something about laughter, humiliation, sweat and tears that just brings two people, plus an auditorium, together.
Take a look at:-


12. Secret gift

You buy each other a gift - but to make this an exciting unusual date idea, agree to buy each other the most obscure gift on a budget and then meet up for your date, with your gift, in a bar. It's guaranteed to provide plenty of laughs as long as you ensure the gifts are really bizarre and obscure. It turns a traditional date, meeting in a bar, into something a little more exciting and it gives you something to chat about. Just don't go buying that lace underwear for her (or him). Keep it tasteful and remember, you're both still strangers to each other.

13. The space ball ride

One of the more bizarre date ideas, often called zorbing, hydro zorbing, or freeballin - it involves each of you rolling around in a ball! You can even get tandem balls so both of you can roll around on the grass or in water with each other. Sounds great eh? What better way to kick off your relationship than a long roll in the grass together. Not advisable if one of you suffers from vertigo. Take a look at:-


14. The Shard

This is one for the Londoners but it could be adapted by just replacing the word 'Shard' with any other tall building in your city. Take him (or her) up the shard(ooh er) for an evening they'll never forget. You could even combine this with a meal and drinks.

15. Cruising

I don't mean on a boat – if you want a date on a budget, this is one of those date ideas that won't cost you much (assuming you already have a car). All you need to do is pick up your date, find an interesting part of town and just cruise with the windows down, the music blaring, and probably no drinks flowing unless they're alcohol free. Safety first. You can glam this date up by hiring a performance car and giving your date the ride of their life.

16. Lavender picking

OK this is one of those date ideas that only works at certain times of the year and for people living near the country. Dotted around the place are lavender fields and most of them will have organized tours with the chance to pick your own lavender. If things don't quite work out with your date, at least you'll have something that smells nice at the end of the day to take home with you.

17. The Cinema

A nice conventional date idea (that I personally think is unusual because it's not the most social!). To be honest, it is better suited to couples that might not have much to say to each other. Maybe do this one when you've been together a few years.

18. Visit a brewery, vineyard or distillery

There are plenty of breweries, vineyards and distilleries around the place making all sorts of interesting alcoholic drinks. Even if you or your date doesn't drink, they still make a fascinating day out. There's a lot to see and learn before stumbling home.

19. An evening stroll

This is one of my date ideas for those on a really tight budget. You don't always need lots of cash to have a great night out. Sometimes, all it takes is the right location. So many cities have interesting places to walk and sights to explore.

20. A haunted house experience

Unless your place is already haunted, there are lots of organized haunted house tours that'll give you and your date the heebie-jeebies. Get ready for her to fall straight into your arms – through fear.
Take a look at:-


21. A treasure hunt

There are lots of organized treasure hunts in cities around the world, and often all you need to do is just sign up and print out the instructions. You then have to follow the instructions to find the clues that eventually lead you to the treasure or the pub. Either way it's win win.

22. Plane spotting

Another of my date ideas on a budget. Meet them at the airport and watch as all the stressed out holiday makers and executives fly away while you're safely on the ground. Most airports are free to visit and if you can, stretch to getting them a coffee in one of the numerous coffee stalls or restaurants. And if you're really feeling adventurous, book a quick get-away together.

23. A jog

I'm on a roll with the budget date ideas now! This has to be the least expensive unusual date of all. A jog won't cost you anything and it's a great way to keep fit while you sneakily check our your date in their tight Lycra pants. You get to chat, to see how fit they are, test out their endurance and keep yourself fit at the same time. If it all goes pear shaped, you won't feel so bad because at least you've done something beneficial for yourself.

24. Rock climbing

You might be able to get your rocks off if both you and your date can climb. Common interests like these make brilliant dates. Just make sure you know what you're doing. In this case, it is much nicer to come back down to earth without a bang.

25. Hot air ballooning

If you're not one for heights, then look away. There are lots of hot air ballooning experiences available that'll whisk you and your date off into the air. Just goggle 'hot air balloon experiences'.

26. Bus-tend

One of the weirdest date ideas that someone I know actually invented (and I just named). It involves you and your date agreeing to meet at the start of a bus route, and you ride the bus all the way to the end. Obviously you'll be chatting in between, and there are easy get out opportunities at every stop if you decide your date just isn't for you (or vice versa). And it's usually pretty safe because you'll have plenty of chaperones.

27. An audience on TV

This is one of the pretty cool date ideas because not only is it cheap (often free), you might get the chance to see a celebrity (or two) in real life and it's usually pretty entertaining and memorable. There are plenty of studios around the world that welcome audiences while they film all manner of things from comedy talk shows to documentaries. Get in touch with a local TV channel online to find out more.

28. Boat trip

OK this date idea might not be that unusual but it certainly isn't conventional. The beauty of a boat trip is it can be taken during the day as well as at night. Why stick with an evening date when you can plan one during the day instead, leaving the evening free to do something else, like another date perhaps?!

29. Art gallery or museum

If your date has a lot of common interests with you, why not take them to a gallery or a museum? The date can be an educational experience as well as something romantic. Imagine telling your future kids that mummy and daddy had a first date discussing the fundamentals of the formation of the universe.

30. Paint balling

Perhaps a dating idea for the more adventurous and outdoor couple (or just ones that like pain!). Just be careful it doesn't ruin the relationship before it even has a chance to start. Those balls really hurt so go easy on your other half.

31. Computer gaming

You can do this one at your place or at a dedicated gaming center. A lot of gaming centers are springing up all over the place and let you share the gaming experience with whoever you choose. Might not be the most social of dating ideas but for some, the thought of shooting their potential other half might be a weird turn on?

32. Strawberry picking

One for the summer months. Doesn't have to be strawberries. Any 'pick your own' type farm would suffice. Imagine the two of you romping through the wilderness picking up fresh fruit and feeding it to each other (before you rub off any insects of course). How romantic.

33. Beach litter picking

Why not do something good for the environment while you both take a stroll on the beach? You never know what you'll come across and it makes for plenty of laughs. If you're really feeling adventurous, you can finish the evening by taking a BBQ with you and sitting on the sand watching the sunset.

34. A tennis, squash or badminton game

For the more fetish orientated people, imagine giving your date a good thrashing? What better way to start off a date than with plenty of physical exercise to get the blood pumping. And yet again, you get to see your date in their tight Lycra pants(!)

And last but not least...

35. Tandem bungee jumping

The two of you strapped in rubber, hanging on for dear life as you're pushed to the ground – what a truly romantic start to any relationship, providing one of you doesn't have a heart-attack in the process.

Hopefully some of these date ideas might inspire you to come up with the most memorable date. Find someone to join you on Flirthut.

Written by Charlie Rutherford
Dated: 2019-10-01
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