Our FREE premium dating service

Get noticed more and have more at your fingertips

Our premium membership is a FREE upgrade available to all members. To qualify for this amazing chance for completely free premium dating, all you need to do is ensure you meet our simple criteria and we'll automatically upgrade you!

You don't have to be a premium member to use Flirthut but premium members get more perks and have more control over their profile like being able to conceal their public profile and select who can view it.

Free premium membership!

Our premium service is a free membership upgrade available to all members who meet our eligibility criteria. We decided that as a free dating site, Flirthut should remain exactly that so all areas of our site and service are completely free and we intend to keep it that way! To ensure we can keep our service going, we now include advertisements throughout the site, even for premium members. The adverts are unobtrusive and won't affect how the system performs. And you never know, you might actually come across something you like!

How to get upgraded for free!

Any Flirthut member is eligible for a free upgrade providing the following conditions are met:-

  • You have been registered with us for at least 2 months
  • You have at least 3 photos uploaded and approved on your public profile
  • You have contributed at least once to our forum (comments do not apply) and your forum post is approved and publicly visible

That's it! It really is that easy to become a premium member! Once the above conditions are met, the Flirthut system will automatically upgrade you and we'll notify you by email.

Maintain your premium status

You can keep your premium membership status once you get it by ensuring you sign in to your account at least once a month. If you don't, then your account gets demoted back to free membership but don't worry... To reinstate it again, all you have to do is contribute another forum post and once it's approved, we'll reinstate your premium membership. It's really simple!

A truly free dating service

We truly are a free dating service. Our philosophy is to provide a safe area where people can network with others for free. When Flirthut was launched many moons ago, we thought that a premium membership level would give particular users added benefits but we never implemented this because it went against our free dating service philosophy. What we have decided to do instead is give everyone the chance to access all areas of our site for free. That means no credit cards, no payments, no paypal – nothing – ever!

Membership comparison

Both our free and premium membership tiers will allow you to chat with other members. Free membership has some restrictions but, unlike other dating sites, will allow you to send and receive messages for free. Premium membership offers you a better online experience and a greater level of control, increasing your chances of meeting someone online. Both are free but you need to meet our simple eligibility criteria to be automatically upgrade to a premium membership.

Free members
Premium members
View when a member joined and was last online
See who checked you out and when
See who added you to their favorites
Hide your profile from public view
Select which members can see your profile
Increased sitewide exposure
Search for members by city/country
Search for members by criteria
Search for members by username
Daily message limit (sent messages) 10 100*
Daily message limit (inbox) Unlimited Unlimited
Send short messages to other members
Send longer messages to other members
Profile image uploads Up to 6 Up to 12*
Extended (FX) gallery uploads Up to 2 Up to 12*
Attach private images to messages
E-gift limits (daily) 1 20
Add custom messages to e-gifts

*To reduce and discourage spammers, we have certain restrictions in place even for premium members.