FX  Create a new gallery

Each gallery you create requires 30 credits or a premium membership.

Your gallery's visibility

You can choose who you would like your gallery to be visible to. We will also rate each photo in your gallery with a public or adult rating and this will determine whether or not that picture is visible publically. Each gallery you create can have up to 20 photos. When you create a gallery, a link to it will be placed on your profile page.

Providing your photo meets our guidelines and general Terms of Use, it will be accessible to anyone viewing your profile, member or not.
Members only
Your photo will only be visible to members of the site.
My contacts only
Your photo will only be visible to members in your contacts list.

How we classify your photos

Our moderators will look at each photo you upload before it is published. Photos with an adult rating will not be visible publically and warnings will be given to members before they view your photo.

Why are my photos rated?

We need to ensure that we maintain a safe environment on Flirthut where anyone looking to meet a partner can browse freely. Some photos may contain content that could offend other members or viewers. Publically accessible galleries could also be viewed accidently by minors or people unaware of the contents so we have to ensure the content is restricted.

Image guidelines and additional FX Terms of Use

Flirthut FX is an area of our site that enables you to upload photos of your choice to compliment your profile page. To ensure our site remains safe for everyone, there are a few basic rules that apply to our FX area. Any photo you upload must comply with the guidelines/statements below otherwise it will not be approved. Flirthut reserves the right to remove photos, delete galleries or terminate member's accounts without notice for violations of our Terms of Use or where Flirthut deems the content of any galleries to be unsuitable for the integrity of the site and for content that could give rise to civil action.

When uploading a photo to your gallery, you agree that:-

  • You have permission to use the photo on Flirthut and that your photo may be displayed publically if it is placed in a gallery set for public viewing.
  • You are fully responsible for any consequences that arise as a result of your photo and its content being displayed on the Flirthut site and will indemnify Flirthut of any responsibility.
  • Your photo does not display an image of a product or brand that could infringe intellectual property rights.
  • Your photo does not display an image of another person without their express consent.
  • Your photo must not contain images of minors (or anyone who would appear to be under 18) even if you are in the picture.
  • Your photo will be rated by our moderators and their classification decision is final.
  • Your photo must not contain images of an extreme nature. Photos of an extreme nature could be considered those containing images in which a persons life is threatened or an act which results in serious injury to a person.