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Relationships that are out of this world. Think sexual encounters between humans and aliens or strange bedtime antics.

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First Sex Experience with My Teacher

Was it hard for a divorced woman to live without sex? .She replied to all my questions but she told me not to ask any more questions of her past and that she should forget it and concentrate on being happy for the present and the future.I then did not ask any more questions of her past. ... Read more »

Written by RiderShepard

Sex Life With Tony and I

The shower was like a big walk in wet room partitioned off from the rest of the bath room by a glass panel. “Oooohh!” Cried Babs in mock astonishment. “Lucy! You’ve got a mind like a sewer!” But the grin growing on Babs’ face showed that she had a mind like a sewer too! “I’m up for it! Come on boys!” ... Read more »

Written by Chris232

Outback Suite

My friend, we will call her Haylee, is my best friend and I dated her for a while off and on but we had been broken up for a decent period of time now. She met this guy online and he seemed like a good time - they met up as he drove down to see her all weekend. But he turns out to be a jerk - just using her so I take her on a mini-cation to take her mind off him and onto something else...... Read more »

Written by Wolfie6975

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My first time

Written by a Flirthut member, this short story is about their first time with a girl he met in school. They were together for almost a year until she decided to invite him over to her house.... Read more »

Written by DannyMan

Cleaning up at University (part 2 – back to nature)

This is a continuation of my story/diary in part 1. Meeting Deborah when I did changed my life and my understanding of sexual relationships between man and woman. We had some amazing times together and to this day, I still think about her even though I have not seen her for over ten years.... Read more »

Written by bfab

Lust On A Saturday Night

It was a Saturday night and we were enjoying a nice dinner at one of those brew house restaurants that offered good drinks and loud music along with the meal. While we sat and enjoyed each others company, Teresa slipped her hand under the table...... Read more »

Written by Kelechie

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