Immature love says: "I love you because I need you". Mature love says "I need you because I love you".

Status last updated: 2017-07-17 16:10:37

Country: United States
State: Arizona
City: Tucson
Age : 48
Marital status : Single
Distance from you : km

Male looking for a woman for serious relationship

About me...

Movies well I have a ROKU with Netflicks HULU VUDO etc so self explanatory . Love water . Cajun Food but like to try others . Never tried Indian Food that is on a list of to do things . Not much on video games but like table games like playing pool . Rather a sarcastic as I guess it has been a self-defense means to avoid P.T.S.D. for so many decades . Sarcasm pops out of my mouth without me thinking . Bad habit of dominating conversations at 1st with those I do not know I think it is because of all the years of having to be assertive and the authority with strangers because if your not they will take it as mental weakness and a green light to try and kill you if you do not make it known who is (in charge of the scene) the (Officer Friendly Bit) will get you killed . But once relaxed around someone I start being myself and mellow out . Yes I don't sound appealing but would you rather find out these quirks later rather than honesty up front ? Used to Volunteer- Teach Tactical Training but the owner of the Tactical School moved off to the Showlow Area He gets a Student every now and then that has a family member in Tucson that wants to be certified for a C.C.W. Permit or Armed Guard Card or a Active Duty Cop that wants Advanced Training and calls me up but it is rare these days . Kept me busy when he lived here but now I am bored ! L.O.L. ! Dating skills are off after 5 years of being divorced and to myself so it is what it is . The teaching kept my mind off the fact I am alone so kept my mind to busy to think about it . I guess you could say it was a form of avoidance ? But the way I saw it time heals . Not wise to go into dating I feel with a Ex still on ones mind you know ? (as far as hair I put done brown and short because there was no option for those that shave their heads to hide the wear and tear Military and Law Enforcement put on one's aging process) L.O.L. ! Also my phone is not a smartphone it is a older phone that is call and text only . It has sentimental value it was my Late Father's so I use my PC for computer stuff like checking email etc and my phone for calls and text . Though I really like to keep texting down to a reasonable amount prefer talking rather than texting .

What I'm looking for...

Pro-American Pro-Veteran Pro-Law Enforcement Pro-2nd Amendment (Preferable a Republican but a Conservative Democrat I do not have a issue with) Conservative but not a Hardliner Conservative were varying views cant be taken into consideration . Someone that can relate more to someone that is retired as opposed to someone that is still seeking their goals and dreams . This is not to say I don't have goals and dreams still . But I am past my (youthful crusader stage) but I still believe in a (cause higher than oneself) so someone that is along that line ? Also someone that is not driven crazy by the dark . My combat injuries as time has progressed have left me living in a light-tight apartment just my Cat and I because the U.V. Rays in sunlight aggravates my injuries so I wait till night time . Someone who is already set as far as Kids because the exposures I was subjected to in The Army left me sterile so Kids I cant provide I borrow my Brother's 4 often but now they are all growing fast so that is not as often as it used to be they have their own agenda's now . Not big on social scenes I barely drink because I'm always armed so no use in bars for me . Plus people that have seen a lot of action in their careers have a tendency to be ok with TV or home movies in short less crowds which = less need to be vigilant = its my experience the more people gathered in one spot the more that can go wrong . Maybe a Woman that has been in Military or Law Enforcement or 1st Responder or Medical that can relate to high pressure careers I guess ? Someone that has a love of water ? 5 years in this apartment since my divorce by myself hitting the pool after dark is a high light . Back to alcohol if you drink that is fine as long as its done responsibly with maturity . But me I do not drink booze just wine and beer and it is so rare that for a 6 foot 5 /315 pound guy I am rather a (light-weight) with alcohol . A 13 year old could out drink me . L.O.L. !

My stats...

  • Best feature: Prefer not to say
  • Height: >6'4 to 6'6 (1.93m to 1.98m)
  • Body type: large
  • Hair colour: brown
  • Hair length: short
  • Eyes: hazel
  • Drinking habits: rarely / occasionally
  • Smoking habits: never
  • Has children: none


Cooking Diving/snorkeling/scuba Martial arts Pool/snooker Watching movies

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