Your account

Your membership and account

Like most other sites, when you sign up to use our service, an account is created for you under which your profile details are kept.

Can I change my username?

Unfortunately, under normal circumstances, it is not possible to change your username once it has been created. If your username is deemed offensive or vulgar, your whole account may be terminated without warning.

Can I change my email address and password?

Yes. Once you sign in, you go to [My Account] from the [My options] dropdown list and enter your new details. For security, new email addresses need to be validated before your details are changed - a verification email will be sent to your new email account to confirm the changes. Please ensure you keep your email up to date so that we can notify you of any changes to our service or account.

How do I change my email preferences?

Your email preferences are set by default to email you any promotional emails from us and a weekly account activity update if there has been any activity with your account. You can change this my going to your account settings [My account] and changing the email notification preferences.

How do I terminate my account?

We hope that you won't ever want to but if you do, please consider suspending your account first. A suspended account is one which remains active on our site, but you will receive no emails or internal notifications. The advantage here is that you can reinstate your account at any time without having to sign up again. So any details associated with your account such as ratings, credits etc. will remain part of your account. If you really wish to terminate your account fully, you can do so through your account settings [My Account]. Please do not send us mail to terminate or suspend your account.