I'm British and have not had any flirts or offers. My Profile is up to date, picture a few years old, but believe i have not changed too much. At the moment all I get is apparent pretty American women sending notifications. Maybe I joined the wrong site on impulse?

  • Post by: smartmart57
  • United Kingdom
  • Barnsley
  • 2018-03-31 08:36:15

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Comment/reply from : 420cupidluv - United States - Apollo Beach
Posted : 2018-04-15 09:37:17

Yes, it's right to care for the fake dating sites to avoid any cheat. But all the fingers are not same..... means all dating sites or people available on the dating sites are not fraud. Maybe the lady really interested in you, she finds anything(physic or hobbies) which attracts her,

So you can try to date.....