Real men

Guys, I'm an attractive, athletic, 38 year old female whose young at heart and wanting to find a real connection now. I'm sweet and shy but every time I get curious and begin looking, all I see and experience are perverts. Are there any really men left that aren't just looking for a hookup? I hate dating sites and so tired of people wanting sexy pictures or trying to sext. I want a friendship that's on fire... so to speak. I want a best friend, not a hunky sex fiend. Am I searching for a proverbial unicorn or are there still real men left (who are absolutely single!) out there?

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Comment/reply from : Tina
Posted : 2017-11-10 23:08:47

I like your words and you have the same thought as me this lead me to comment on your post.

Comment/reply from : pofiykingston - Cameroon - Yaoundé
Posted : 2017-12-07 21:52:36

It's just real no big deal it's nature

Comment/reply from : AndreaRiley143 - Australia - Sydney
Posted : 2018-01-02 23:55:57

Hello Lj,
The way you describe yourself you are adorable. It's all natural that most of male users in dating site are perverts but not all of them. There are quite a few that's sincere in looking for a lifetime partners. Maybe they haven't seen you yet, don't rush thing out.

Comment/reply from : - Canada -
Posted : 2018-01-08 23:38:56

Yes men objectify women sexually, and women objectify men socially (often unwittingly). The "measure" of a man is often sexist and discriminatory and can be far more morally judgemental than its male counterpart. Worse yet, it is rarely even observed or discussed. What so many people miss is the following simple reality; "Men desire sex before emotional intimacy and women desire emotional intimacy before sex". It's a simple consideration of order of events that separate us. This is where "compromise" needs to be on the table and we simply need to meet somewhere in the middle. We each have something that the other wants but greed/self involvement ruin the day.

Comment/reply from : Madbadger86 - United States - Central Bridge
Posted : 2018-01-10 10:11:38

You sound like my kind of gal o like a girl to cuddle up and watch movies or go out on dates.

Comment/reply from : James017 - United States - Central Bridge
Posted : 2018-06-28 08:22:36

Sure, there are still real men out there... Men that will desire intimacy before anything crops in... All you need is to get patient for the right one... There is always that one right and respectful person for each person on earth.