Advice needed on getting a hot date

I'm trying to get a nice easy to please girlfriend. I'd really appreciate some advice on how to not keep passing hot chicks up that probably would say yes. I know part of it is getting the courage. I always though I was brave but a good woman can be scary lol. Do woman get nervous too? So if I pass a hot chick at the grocery store instead of fleeing like its a forest fire what should I say so its not rude but gets the job done?

  • Post by: fourwheelin
  • United States
  • Central Bridge
  • 2015-10-13 09:08:57

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Comment/reply from : Bikeman80 - United States - Cincinnati
Posted : 2016-08-26 20:28:18

Your challenge I guess is how to spark off a conversation with good looking ladies whenever you come across them. The rule to this anxiety felt by most men is to be confident. Women like it when men are not intimidated by their presence. Instead of quivering at sighting a gorgeous looking lady, just approach her with a warm smile and compliment her looks. Women love this a lot but don't be overt with this as she may feel flattered. Most of the time, women would respond to nice comments about them and that would have set the stage for you to launch your conversations with them. It works, any day, any time any where. just be politely confident and she will be yours. Cheers.