3 Way Proposal

I've never had any physical contact with a female before and I would like to know how would I approach her with having physical contact with me and my boyfriend.

  • Post by: Bettermade1
  • United States
  • Detroit
  • 2017-06-09 08:01:41

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Comment/reply from : Rinkitakuari - Philippines - Manila
Posted : 2017-06-10 08:48:08

Ask her if she wants it :)

Comment/reply from : AndreaRiley143 - Australia - Sydney
Posted : 2018-02-21 23:04:06

You can have it the long way or easy way. The long way will be, getting to know the girl if she's the kind of girl who would like to do things like that. Or the easy way, which is, asking her directly.