Holiday romance

About a month ago, I met a guy while I was on holiday and we had a fling - a holiday romance. He made it quite clear from the start that he wasn't expecting anything more from our relationship but since the holiday finished, I haven't been able to get him out of my mind. I think I've fallen for him big time. We've stayed in touch texting each other at least once a day and I probably would have let it fizzle out if it wasn’t for some of his replies. To give you an example, the other day I text him saying "I wish I was cuddled up with you in bed", to which he replied "Me too. I really loved falling asleep with you by my side". Most of our messages have been like this with hardly any sexual flirting. I sent him a semi-naked picture of myself expecting to get a crude reply back, but he responded with "You look so amazing. I'd love to hold you right now". I want to ask him if he wants to meet up again but I'm afraid of the answer. If he say he doesn't, it would just break me. We had such an amazing time on holiday and I really miss him. We live very far apart and the whole situation is just so confusing for me which is why I'm writing this. If he did want to meet me, I have no idea how we'd meet and when. Help!

  • Post by: Rebecca Maurier
  • United States
  • 2018-09-12 22:33:36

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